High security, speed of transactions and a unique investment environment with a new digital currency created for regulated banking and fund environment

We provide a private exchange with transactions in a digital regulated currency with the gold standard and fixation on world currencies. We also emphasize strict security standards and high speed of payments in the structures of the prestigious THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB program. Digitize, monetize, manage and trade your assets in a regulated digital environment with IC DIGITAL PORTAL and IC GROUP.

THE Royal capital club


THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB (“RCC”) and the banking or investment partners of THE ROYAL INVEST FUND OF KELANTAN (“RIFK”).

RCC is a premium program of club investment of the Royal Investment Fund of the traditional Malaysian royal family and the royal family from Southeast Asia and partners of the international investment group IC GROUP, which also offers IC INVEST FUND (ICIF).

RCC offers its members unique investment products and services according to their individual wishes or needs. With the guarantee of maximum discretion, it selects the most suitable investment opportunities and banking products across the world’s financial markets. It adapts its unique know-how to the specific requirements of the investor and the interests of his investment portfolio, whether it is the accumulation and distribution of investment assets, final financial solutions, property management and development, technology development and production, commodity trades or unique software platforms, and others.


ICDP and banking investment partners of the IC GROUP

We emphasize the four primary pillars that make our
digital exchange one of the most sought after on the market.

The speed of digital payments is important, which is why we ensure that individual transactions take only a fraction of a second.

Our digital wallets are monitored in real time, whenever you have an overview of the current balance.

High protection is a priority, so all accounts are secured by two-factor authentication.

When it comes to digitizing your assets, it is possible to exclusively use the first truly regulated digital currency “Stable ABS eMoney“.

Are you starting with digital currency or digital assets?

No problem! It may seem that trading in digital currency, or the digitization of assets itself, looks complicated. We try to refute such ideas and help you with anything in the initial phase. Not only for this reason you will certainly welcome the IC DIGITAL PORTAL concept, which is very simple, user-friendly and completely unique in the world of finance.

Trading with confidence

Gaining the trust of our clients has always been our top priority. We provide security for our clients mainly thanks to the best security on the market. Digital assets are held safe from unauthorized manipulation by other unauthorized users.

Continuous global support

We provide global support 24/7/365. Thanks to the live chat, we will connect you to an extensive support center to ensure that your questions are answered and your needs are met under any circumstances.



Start receiving payments in digital currency with confidence and make full use of a customizable payment gateway that suits your needs. Payments are credited to your bank account or digital address every business day. Accept the digital currency or have your payments converted to your desired currency, which allows you to receive for example, euros, pounds or dollars on your bank account.



Payout solution is a service for payment institutions, wallets, forex brokers, corporations or for the payment of sole traders in digital currency. Payout allows you to automatically send digital payments directly from your available EUR or USD balance. It only takes a few seconds to execute a payout order.

Digitization of assets

Digitization of assets

A unique solution for the first real digitization of an investor’s assets in a regulated environment, based on the ABS platform, a regulated digital currency with a gold standard. Everything takes place in cooperation with regulators and the world’s leading family investors.